Individual Tutoring

Volunteers provide tutoring to adults in Simcoe County and the Muskoka region.  Full orientation and training are provided to all tutors after which, you are matched with a learner to provide one-on-one tutoring.  The time and location are decided by the tutor and the learner.  A commitment of two to four hours per week is required.

Barrie Literacy Council

Next Step – Literacy Council of South Simcoe

Tutor position intake is on a continuous basis.


Gateway Centre for Learning

Orillia and District Literacy Council


Literacy Society of South Muskoka

There are a variety of other opportunities for volunteers with a literacy agency or the Network in a support role such as office assistants, board and committee members or helping with special events.


Office Support and Special Events Volunteer Opportunities

These are mainly administrative functions, such as office assistance or helping with special events.  The time commitment involved in any of these functions varies. If you are interested in volunteering, please call one of the agencies listed above directly, or contact the Simcoe/Muskoka Literacy Network at Tel: 705-326-7227, Fax: 705-326-7447 or e-mail:


Volunteer Members

Community-based literacy agencies and the Network are non-profit organizations that are overseen by a Volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors for each of the literacy councils and the network is responsible for managing the agency’s affairs and upholding it’s constitution and by-laws.  Directors are usually recruited annually or bi-annually and are elected at the organizations Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Directors can also be recruited throughout the year.

If you would like to serve on a Board, please contact the local agency or the Network directly to find out about the responsibilities and qualifications


Volunteer Committee Members

The literacy councils use both standing committees and ad-hoc committees.  Standing committees are permanent committees created to deal with one particular area such as “Marketing and Outreach”, “Planning and Evaluation”, “Newsletter”, “Practitioner Training and Development” etc.  Ad-hoc committees are created as needed for things such as “Learning Outcomes”, “Special events” etc.  They are time-limited and are disbanded when the work is done.  Committees usually include a staff member as well as a board member.

If you are interested in joining a committee please call one of the agencies listed above directly, or call the Simcoe Muskoka Literacy Network at 705-326-7227 or

Volunteer Bill of Rights (Taken from the newsletter of Freeport Hospital, Kitchener)

  • The right to be treated as a co-worker… not as “free help”.
  • The right to a suitable assignment …. with consideration for personal preference, temperament, life experience, educational and employment background.
  • The right to know as much about the organization as possible ….. its policies, its people and its programs.
  • The right to training for the job….. thoughtfully planned and effectively presented.
  • The right to continuing education on the job….. as a follow-up to initial training; information about new developments; training for greater responsibilities.
  • The right to sound guidance and direction …… by someone who is experienced, well informed, patient and thoughtful – and who has the time to invest in giving guidance.
  • The right to promotion and a variety of experience …. through advancement to assignments of more responsibility; through transfer from one activity to another; through special project assignments.
  • The right to be heard….. to take part in planning; to feel free to make suggestions; to have respect shown for an honest opinion.
  • The right to recognition…. in the form of promotion – and awards (some tangible evidence) – through day-by-day expressions of appreciation and by treatment as a bona fide co-worker.