Orientation for New LBS Managers and Program Co-ordinators is an on-line, self-directed, self-study module that gives an overview of how LBS-funded agencies in Ontario operate and the job of an LBS program manager or co-ordinator.  The module has been added to the Literacy Basics site in recognition that some program co-ordinators are also front-line practitioners.

This orientation is intended to be a starting point as you become familiar with the various aspects of your job, in advance of your orientation meeting with staff from your Regional Network support organization.  The Network staff can provide you with more information about how LBS operates locally.

This module touches on some of the other Literacy Basics topics, but from a manager’s point of view.  The module sections have links to the other modules for more detailed information on certain topics. You can choose the order in which you go through the sub-sections.  For example, the Literacy and Adult Education section has a lot of background information that might not be of interest to everyone right away.  Most sections also have an optional quiz you can use to check your learning.