Essential Skills Day is September 22, 2017!

Did you know that the government of Canada has identified 9 essential skills necessary to succeed in the workplace? Follow us on Twitter @SimcoeSml  as we reveal the 9 skills.  Then, on September 22, 2017, help us celebrate Essential Skills Day 2017.  For more information please visit:

#Reading is the first essential skill needed to succeed and thrive at work.  This means having the ability to understand written content to learn more information about a topic or subject.  How do you use this skill at work? Share your experiences using the hashtag #The9atWork

Document use is an #essential #skill used at work when trying to understand and interpret content, use forms, make schedules, etc.  What documents do you need to use at work and at home?  #The9atWork #LiteracyON

#Numeracy is the third essential skill identified by the #Canadian government that employees need to succeed in the workplace.  We even use it while budgeting & scheduling.  How do you use this skill at work? #The9atWork    How do you use numeracy at home?

#The9atWork has identified #Writing as an essential skill.  It is needed to communicate important information to coworkers and supervisors via worksheets, documents & email.  Written communication can save us time from having to verbally communicate everything we do or we need done.  How has writing helped you at work?  What writing do you do at home?

#OralCommunication is an essential skill that is still very important in the modern workplace.  Who do you verbally communicate with at work?  Coworkers?  Students?  Customers?  All of the above?  We want to hear from you! #The9atWork

#Teamwork is key to thriving in the modern work place.  It can involve working with a supervisor, teaching students and working with a team to solve a problem. #The9atWork #Communication #Collaboration

Critical #thinking at work is an essential skill.  It plays a big role when we are problem solving and analyzing situations.  Describe a situation where you have used this skill on the job. #The9atWork

No surprise here!  #ComputerUse and the use of other technical tools are essential to succeed at work. #The9atWork

#ContinuousLearning is one of the 9 essential skills.  We are constantly growing and the world around us is constantly evolving.  We should embrace the opportunity to grow and develop with both on-site and off-site training opportunities #The9atWork

How do you use the 9 #essential skills at work?  Tweet us a photo.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #The9atWork